dozens of festival events, hundreds of participants from all over the world, a kilometer long Parade of Choirs along popular Heroes of Monte Cassino street, vocal workshops and various happenings. Join us in combining learning with pleasure! You will establish international friendships, spend memorable moments in a popular sea health resort all together while improving your vocal technique under the wings of worldwide known, prominent professionals.

Unforgettable musical adventure

We guarantee unforgettable musical experiences during numerous accompanying concerts on historical stages of Trójmiasto metropolitan area and memorable moments shared with your new international family of music lovers. Challenge yourself against choirs from all corners of the world and win the Grand Prix/Stauette of Sopot Seagull race. On 28 Noember, 2020, the world will find out who will score the title of MUNDUS CANTAT SOPOT 2020 Grand Prix laureatte.

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We invite you to join the event and come to Sopot – a city that every May becomes a choral music capital. Apply now and take part in an unique event – 16th International Choir Festival MUNDUS CANTAT! Don’t miss this unique opportunity to take part in the biggest choir festival in central Europe. Sopot is waiting for you, and so are the awards…

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Festival details

Wednesday, November 25, 2020
7.00 pm FREEDOM CONCERT (on line)
Dedicated to Belarus
Run by Ksenia Savchenko and Magdalena Łaszcz

Thursday, November 26, 2020
Choral Auditions by Facebook

Master Choral Workshop (Zoom)
Run by Jennifer Tham and Marcin Waruk

Friday, November 27, 2020
Choral Auditions By Facebook

7.00 pm FREEDOM CONCERT (on line)
Dedicated to Venezuela
Run by Alendro Levela and Gosia Stankowska

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Category name Age Number of singers Voices Description
A. Childrens’ choir up to 13 years old min. 8 people SS/SSA/SSAA optional, stylistically various repertoire with chosen pieces
B. Youth choir 13-18 years old min. 8 people SA/SSA/SATB optional, stylistically various repertoire with chosen pieces
C. Mixed choir min. 8 people SATB optional, stylistically various repertoire with chosen pieces
D. Sacred music min. 8 people Sacred music pieces from acient times to contemporary
E. Folk music min. 8 people Folk songs arranged for a choir
F. Pop and jazz min. 4 people Free choice

1. Registrations must be submitted and fees payments processed by October 30th 2020.

2. The choir must submit:
• Filled in application form,
• repertoire choice (composer’s name, composer’s birth and death dates, duration of the piece),
• participation fee payment confirmation (via e-mail),
• scores of the whole repertoire (via e-mail),
• brief note about the choire (ca. 10 lines, via e-mail),
• recent photograph of the choir (photograph must be 300 dpi resolution, via e-mail).

3. All recordings must be submitted by November 10th 2020.

4. The choirs should pay the entry fee of 120 EUR (non-refundable). The entry fee for participating in additional categories is 60 EUR per category.


1. To participate in the Virtual MC Sopot 2020 Choir Festival, the choir must register via the registration form and pay the participation fee.

2. The choir can compete in more than one category. To do so the choir must submit the required number of recordings.

3. Each participant must submit the video to the Committee by November 10th 2020 the latest.

4. The participants’ recordings will be uploaded to MUNDUS CANTAT SOPOT Youtube channel by November 14th 2020.

5. The jury will evaluate the choir based on their performance on the submitted recording.

6. The choice of repertoire should follow the rules of the festival (see table with description of categories). The participants take full responsibility for copyright and the right to perform the piece claims.

7. The choirs must submit a digital copy of the piece’s score and agree to use of the submitted materials for the purpose of settling the result of the competition.

8. The choirs may perform a’cappella or with an accompaniment. On the recording it is required to show the singers’ and conductor’s faces unambiguously.

9. In case of violation of the above rules the choir will be disqualified.

10. The jury’s decision is final.

11. The jury may choose not to award the winning prize in a category or categories should they decide that the level of participants does not meet expected level.

12. The recording submitted for participation in the International Choir Festival Mundus Cantat Sopot 2020 must be unique and mustn’t have been used at any point in the past for participating in other competitions.

13. The time of the individual recording of the choir is limit 5-8 minutes.

14. Every participant will receive an award in a form of a diploma/certificate after receiving the final results. There are 100 total points available:
• 90 – 100 pts – golden diploma
• 75 – 89.9 pts – silver diploma
• 60 – 74.9 pts – bronze diploma
• below 60 pts – participation diploma

15. Every choir can participate in FREEDOM CONCERT sending their performance’s recording to the organizers.


1. The jury shall award based on the total number of points awarded:
Ist AWARD – Prize of Marshal of the Pomeranian Voivodeship – 4 000 zł
2nd AWARD – Prize of Mayor of Sopot – 2 000 zł
3rd AWARD – Prize of Mayor of Sopot – 1 000 zł

2. All participants will receive a results card and diploma after the announcement of the results.

3. Every participant awarded a golden diploma will also receive a golden medal as a winner of a respective category of the International Choir Festival Mundus Cantat Sopot 2020.

4. The Committee will ship the diplomas and trophies to the participants within 2 weeks after the announcements of the results.


1. The choirs who will collect the most amount of likes and views of their competition recording (on the MUDNUS CANTAT Youtube channel) will be awarded a special trophy. Each participant can share a link to their recording.

A. The jury of the 16th Mundus Cantat Sopot 2020 Virtual Choir Festival will feature renowned experts.

B. The evaluation will be based on:
1. INTONATION Evaluation concerns accuracy and accordance to the score.
2. SOUND QUALITY Evaluation concerns the artistic and technical aspects of the performance.
3. FAITHFULNESS TO THE ORIGINAL AND INTERPRETATION Evaluation concerns execution of guidelines given by the composer in the score, eg. dynamics.
4. ARTISTIC ASPECTS OF THE PERFORMANCE Evaluation concerns the artistic presentation of the choir, appearance, physical and musical expression.
5. REPERTOIRE Evaluation concerns the choice of the repertoire and it’s level of difficulty.

October 30, 2020

deadline for sending entry forms with the registration fee

November 10, 2020

deadline for submission of recordings

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