Dear choral experience enthusiasts,

it is our great pleasure to invite you to take part in the 3rd edition of a unique event to be held in a magical corner of Central Europe – Gdansk, Poland. With over 10 years of experience in organizing choir festivals, we decided to organize another event dedicated to young and enthusiastic choristers who come to Sopot every year. Until now, we hosted over 150 children, youth and academic choirs who together created unique atmosphere of a thrilling competition and despite the language barrier an exceptional community spirit between music lovers who we all are.

Feel-good effects of singing

We are sure there’s no need to encourage you with the several feel-good effects of singing, so since there is a growing evidence that it can have a positive impact on a range of physical and psychological conditions, let’s work on your health together with a few hundreds of choristers gathered in a landmark, a must-see city for tourists, willing to spend an amazing time in the heart of Europe.

Come & see

the meeting place of various cultures, nationalities and denominations, where you will never be bored. Here you will feel the sand under your feet and breeze on your skin, hear different tones coming from various concert halls and open-air stages, watch movies on the longest wooden pier in Europe, watch sports on a huge, modern amber stadium and learn all about the amazing history of Poland such as it is.

Sounds good, huh?

Tell your choir to google Tricity metropolitan area, we’re sure there will be no need to keep on encouraging them to come. Fill in the registration form and take part in the auditions held in impressive walls of Gdańsk Academy of Music and various breath-taking insides of Gdańsk churches. Join the 1st International Choir Festival for Children & Young People MUNDUS CANTAT GDANSK 2017 and meet hundreds of young choristers from all over the world!


Festival details

To be anaunced
1. Only amateur choirs are eligible to take part in the Festival.

2. Competition categories
A. Children’s choirs up to 12 years
B. Children’s choirs up to 16 years
C. Equal voices choirs (boys‘, girl’s)
D. Youth equal voices choirs (Male or Female) up to 21 years
E. Boys and men choirs
F. Youth mixed choirs (up to 21years)
G. Youth and academic choirs (19-29 years)
In all categories minimal 90% of singers are required to be in that age.

3. Each choir can participate in more than one category.

4. The list of musical pieces to be performed for competition which a choir submits to the organizers should not be changed.

5. Time of the performance should not be shorter than 12 min and longer than 15 min of pure singing time (it is the duration of the performed pieces excluding applause and going onto or leaving the stage). Should a choir’s performance exceed the prescribed time limit, the jury will interrupt the performance of that choir during the competition.

6. The program of competition presentation should consists obligatory:
-minimum 3 pieces a cappella,
-one piece of contemporary music,
-one of sacral music,
Max 2 pieces can be perform with instrumental accompaniment but musical instruments must be provided by the choir.

7. The jury should be informed in writing before the choir performance about any changes in the key of presented pieces.

8. Competition presentations will be judged by a jury, consisted of distinguished specialists in choral music.

9. The jury shall award the following certificated based on the total number of prints awarded each choir:
– Diploma of Participation Less than 59,9 Points
– Bronze Diploma 60-74,9 Points
– Silver Diploma 75-89,9 Points
– Gold Diploma 90-100 Points
and statues Mundus Cantat in each category.

10. Jury decisions are beyond dispute.

11. Choirs will be judged according the following criteria:
intonation, fidelity to the score, sound quality, programme choice, overall artistic impression.

12. Jury reserves the right NOT to select a winner in a particular category, if the jury assesses that the finalists in the category in question do NOT live up to the standards high enough.

13. Organizators may add special prizes.

14. Choir can take part in the festival again under take the condition that submitted competition repertoire will not consist of pieces performed durning previous editions.

15. Choir can resign from festival competition and take part only in the accompanying concerts.

16. The Festival Organizers reserve the right to use any audio-visual recordings made during the Festival.

17. The organizers may plan additional meetings and performances for participating choirs. Please see the Festival guidebook for more information.

18. All choirs taking part in the Festival are requested be prepared to perform suitable pieces at the following events and email their repertoire:
1) Opening Ceremony – 2 pieces
2) Additional Festival Concert – 15 – 20 minutes
3) Final Concert (decision made by the jury)

1. Entries with the registration fee can be submitted by February 14, 2018.

2. The following materials should be submitted for each choir:
a) completed electronic application form
b) competition programme (name of the composition, composer full name, length of the compositions), (sent by e-mail in *.doc) – DOWNLOAD
c) Sound recording of the choir not older than 3 years (CD, mp3, link)
d) five sets of scores of the pieces to be presented at the competition
(the scores will not be returned, sent by the post)
e) a brief history of the choir (ca.10 lines, sent by e-mail)
f) a recent photo of the choir (resolution 300 dpi , photos, sent by e-mail)
g) a copy of money order or bank transfer confirming payment for the festival fee

3. After receiving the application form, each accepted participating group will be contacted by email and receive an official confirmation of participation.

1. The Festival will take place between 23-25 March 2018 in Gdansk.
2. Each choir is required to cover its own expenses related to transportation, room and board.
3. Accepted choirs should pay the registration fee of 500 PLN (125 EUR, non-refundable). The entry fee for participating in additional categories is 300 PLN (75 EUR) per category.
4. For the participation in the festival without participating in the competition 500 PLN (125 EUR).
5. Should a choir withdraw from participation in the Festival, the entry fee will not be returned.
1. Each choir including the conductor, accompanying people and bus drivers shall pay their travel expenses, expenses on accommodation and food by itself.

2. Festival packages for accommodations are available in the following classes:
• Class I – Double, Triple, Four and Multiple-person rooms in hostels, holiday centers or hotels 70– 140 PLN (18 – 35 EUR), (additional fee for a single room),
• Class II – Double, Triple and Four-person rooms in holiday centers, sanatoria or hotels 141–200 PLN (35 – 50 EUR), (additional fee of 20 EUR for a single room),
• Class III – Double and Triple rooms in two-star hotels 201- 250 PLN (50 – 60 EUR), (additional fee of 30 EUR for a single room)
• Class IV – Double rooms in three-star hotels over 251 PLN (61 EUR), (additional fee for a single room).

3. Festival package includes:
• accommodation, breakfast and dinner during the time of the Festival (3 nights)
• guidance during whole stay
• participation in all events related to the Festival
• guide services for Festival events.

4. To guarantee the rates listed above, reservations must be made through the Festival Organizers for registered Festival participants only.

February 15, 2018

deadline for sending entry forms with the registration fee

February 20, 2018

deadline for first payment for room and board – 50%

March 1, 2018

deadline for final payment for room and board

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Dr Michał Kozorys


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