Vocal and Master Workshops CHÓR_RAY

PFK Concert Hall, Forest Opera, 12 Moniuszki St., Sopot

The workshop will be led by the leader of male quintet Xcor  – Alejandro Level Briceño from Venezuela, who will mainly focus on how to imitate the sound of an instrument. During the workshop you will have a chance to acquire the knowledge about basic tricks in vocal percussion, basic issues related with the instruments imitation through voive and techniques of microphone’s usage through which you can imitate a trumpet, guitar, bass, or percussion. Each teoretically shown trick will be precisely presented by the Xcor group and practised with workshop participans. At the end,all participants will perform a popular caribian song without using any other instrument than human voice. During the class, everyone will have a chance to see what joy a moder a’capella technique can bring.


1.00-2.00 p.m. – Lecture on “Korean tradition and modern choral music of South Korea”
PFK Concert Hall, Forest Opera, 12 Moniuszki Street, Sopot

Prof. Jae Joon Lee will include in his lecture the following aspects: tradition of collective singing, specifics of korean choral tradtition in national culture context, rehearsal leading techniques, ways how to motivate singers to rehearse on their own. Other issue raised on the lecture will be the considerations on “Folk music of choral Korea”, different influences that created this unique music and how it have evaluated. The historical background will disclose 2 different types of korean folk music, which seem very interesting and completely different,

May 26th (Monday)


7.30 – 8.30 p.m. – Concert

Cristal Concert Hall, MCKA Zatoka Sztuki, 14 F. Mamuszki Avenue, Sopot

mix of exotic rhytms: salsa, pop, bolero, jazz, reggae

Male Quintet XCor, Mérida, Venezuela
Alejandro Level Briceño – Tenor
Guillermo J. Mejía – Contratenor
Alejandro José Fleitas Sánchez – Tenor
Andres Heredia – Baritone
Eliezer Arrieche – Bass